Network Marketing Tips – 3 Proven Methods For Generating Massive Leads Online

There are so many Network Marketing strategies that work for people to some extent. When I meet other Marketers I always ask “How is it going generating leads and sales online?”. The usual reply is “Great”.

But, when I ask how many actual sign-ups daily are they getting, almost every one of them say they either haven’t signed anybody up yet, or they’ve only signed-up a handful of friends and family and no one after that.


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Network Marketing Tips – It’s a Numbers Game

When I dig a little deeper into why people aren’t getting sign-ups into their business, I usually find that they are generating a little interest in their products and business through social media and online, but no one ever seems buy or sign up.

The BIG thing I find that leads to very few sign ups in their Network Marketing business is that they are getting very few leads to start with.

SO… If getting sign-ups from your warm market is a numbers game (and it IS), then getting sign-ups from a cold market is an even bigger numbers game.

Network Marketing Tips – How to Put Up The Big Numbers

So how do you put up the big numbers that you are going to need in order to start getting regular sign-ups into your business?

Well, one way is to start doing massive amounts of cold market prospecting. And yes this is one of the most effective Network Marketing strategies, it also takes a ton of time, you will face a lot of rejection, and you need to be hungry and desperate, for success to make it work. Cold market prospecting is definitely NOT for the faint-hearted.

Network Marketing Tips – Yes, There Is A Better Way

The obvious alternative to offline cold market prospecting is to take your business online. But to be successful with online Network Marketing strategies it involves much more than just posting product shots and testimonials to your facebook timeline or instagram feed.

In order to generate the massive amount of leads you need to take your business to the top of your company’s ranks, there are three big things you need to do…

Network Marketing Tips #1 – To Get Massive Leads You Need a Massive Audience

The biggest reason people have very little success with their online Network Marketing strategies is that they have a very tiny audience that they are marketing to, and it’s almost always it is just their family and friends.

In order to get massive amounts of leads for your business, you will need to grow a massive online audience. The sad reality that many Network Marketers face when they start marketing online is that their audience is just not going to come to them, and they aren’t going to attract and grow an audience by posting product shots and testimonials all day long everywhere.

Now one way to grow an audience is with paid advertising ie:, Facebook “engagement” or “likes” campaigns or a Twitter “followers” campaign. The truth about advertising that so few people know is that when something works you need to have a lot of money to throw at it

But why would you pay for an audience when you can simply grow your own audience for free? By following a proven 3 step proven process you can gain 1000-4000 targeted followers per month using some very simple low priced and free tools.

Network Marketing Tips #2 – Using Leverage And Automation

Of all the Network Marketing strategies used by many online marketers is direct messaging potential prospects to start a conversation, build a relationship, and see if they’re open to a Network Marketing business. Really it is basically an online version of cold market prospecting, however, it’s much easier to do and the rejection is a lot easier to handle. But it is still very time consuming.

You can spend all day messaging with people, the so-called building rapport, only to get a few good, quality leads every week, which is not bad, but as far as online Network Marketing strategies go, it’s very slow and time-consuming.

The most effective Network Marketing Strategy is to use leverage and automatation for your lead generation. How I do that? I use some very simple free online tools that allow me to automate most of what I do online.

Network Marketing Tips #3 – You Have to Make It Easy For People To Become Leads

The third thing you need to do is make it easy for someone to become a lead for you. This is a strategy where you lower resistance as much as possible.

Think of a complete stranger approaching you out of nowhere either online or offline and offer to give you information about a money-making opportunity and then asked for your name, email, and phone number.

What would you do?

Most likely, red flags and alarms would be going off in your mind, your defensive walls would go up, and you would most likely end the conversation as quick as you could. Right?

How about this…

Imagine you find a complete stranger’s website or facebook profile that’s full of product pictures, information and testimonials. It’s a product you’re interested in so you decide to check it out.

And then to learn even more you would do a Google search, instead of contacting the stranger who’s site you originally found the info on, for the products and company and THEN find out it’s an MLM. You do some more searching and find a few websites that claim it’s a scam, they claim the products are crappy and overpriced, and they say no one ever makes money with it.

Do you think you (or anyone else) would be to contact that original person to find out more information?

We all know why those types of Network Marketing strategies never work…

1) People only buy from and join those that they know, like, and trust


2) People love to buy things, but they hate being sold

Both of those scenarios are happening every hour, every day and they greatly increase people’s resistance to give up their contact information. And it is because you either don’t have enough trust and rapport built up, or they feel like they’re just going to be sold on something if they contact you.

So you need to look for Network Marketing strategies that allow you to build a lot of rapport and trust with your prospects, something that is highly leveraged and automated, and something that lowers resistance as much as possible.

Network Marketing Tips – What Works the Best

The #1 Network Marketing strategy allowing you to generate massive leads online in a highly leveraged and automated way is being used by most large companies and rarely do people even realize it. Now, this Network Marketing strategy typically takes some time and effort to set up, but once that initial setup is done, the leads come in with very little effort.

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