XFaucet Website Review and Demo Earn FREE Bitcoin Tokens every 10 Minutes Tutorial

XFaucet Website Review and Demo Earn FREE Bitcoin Tokens every 10 Minutes Tutorial

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HIGH-PAYING FAUCET, EARN $ WITH LITTLE EFFORTS xfaucets.com is a perfect solution for people who want to earn money with little to no efforts. High paying, easy and fun faucet – happy to make money!

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A crypto faucet is an app or a website that distributes small amounts of cryptocurrencies as a reward for completing easy tasks. They’re given the name “faucets” because the rewards are small, just like small drops of water dripping from a leaky faucet.

Hey guys, Glen Murray affiliate profit pages. This is my third start. I didn’t have my mic turned on anyway. We are talking about xfaucet, review and demo. Today, what is x, faucet, um faucet or what are faucets even crypto.

Faucets are just little tiny programs that allow you to earn cryptocurrency for performing tasks like you, you watch a video or you click on a link or something like that, and you can earn a little little fraction of uh cryptocurrency. Well, there’s a great one called x. Faucet and i’m gon na do i’ll, show you exactly how to get yours set up, and it’s very simple guys, and i would say if you did it two or three times a day, you could start accumulating a great little um cryptocurrency portfolio in a whole. Bunch of different um tokens, so i think they have about how many is it? Let’S see, let me just see here by the way, while i’m looking here, make sure, let’s see, there’s 10 10 different tokens, you can, you can earn from so um.

First things. First, let’s get subscribed, make sure you hit the subscribe button hit. The like button comment say: hey glenn, nice to see you on here um check out some of my other videos, there’s a ton of videos on here about how to make money online and, if you’re, looking um. This remember this is just a little passive income program that will help you uh earn some crypto and what’s cool is you can share it and then you can earn crypto from the people that are also doing these little tasks each day and each task. Each time you want to log into it and do it it’ll, take you about maybe uh three minutes to to earn your segment in each of the ten cryptos that they’re providing so first off.

What did i still tell you what a faucet was? Yes, i did. Okay, let me show you exactly what we’re gon na, what i’m gon na show you today uh so first off you’re gon na go to this page here and you’re, going to um, put your email in and you’re going to be able to earn any of these Um of all of this, all of these totally free. This does not cost anything. If you want to, when you get to this page, you want to tweet it or send it on to your facebook.

I would really appreciate it and guys if you want a page just like this message me – and i will give you this page to use because you do want to be collecting an email before you send anyone to any program. So this is just sort of a bridge page. It gets rid of the tire kickers. It makes sure that people are serious about doing this, so you’re going to go there. The next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to sign in, and you will be it takes.

It takes minutes to sign in guys there’s no, you just basically put in your your um, your your email and and you’re going to be taken to this um. You have to set up an icoin pays account, but that’s totally free too. It takes you like, like a matter of couple of minutes, to to basically set up once you get set up here. This is this is what you’re going to see in your back office and it’s a very simple site. It’S um, and this is how you’re going to to be able to to uh make the money here.

What all you need to do now just watch this, i’m gon na i’m going to claim my bitcoin, so i’m going to click on this and x. Faucets will pop me up a little uh free, bitcoin faucet. So what is the task i’m going to be performing? I’M probably going to be looking at an ad for uh a few seconds and that’s it so right here it says, claim up to 40 satosh satoshi btc every 10 minutes, so i’m going to hit claim boom. It’S going to pop up a little thing.

It’S going to ask me if i’m a bot, i am not a robot i’ll click that sometimes it shows a capture captcha like uh, you know pick the five bicycles or or whatever, what have you, and sometimes it doesn’t and guys it’s running slow right now, because Whenever i’m doing a video for some reason, my video software doesn’t really like running the uh running the internet. So then i hit claim – and there i have successfully claimed my four satoshi uh bitcoins and that’s it guys. So i go got it and then i will close that page and then i can move on to the next one and i’ll collect some dodge point so guys you can do this like every time if you’ve got nothing to do if you’re sitting around you’re the Internet and maybe you’re doing you know, monitoring something or whatever or maybe you’re watching a movie. You could sit here and watch a movie and do this every 10 minutes just just start collecting stuff better yet is to send out your referral link and get people to to refer you. So i’m just going to claim claim this again.

It’S going to pop up that captcha, i’m not a robot and put the check mark in there see what what this page is getting they’re they’re getting paid to show these banners right so um. They share a portion of the profit of that advertisement and that’s it. That’S pretty much, that’s that’s pretty much it so guys you just have to go through. Boom boom boom boom boom click it and you can start claim, claim claiming all these coins now. The other thing is this right here on the page: you’re going to get a share, a link form now, if you do, if you do want to um, share it on so you want to share this and say you don’t want to collect um emails, which i Recommend not doing that, make sure you collect emails, because you can always send them a follow-up email to make sure they do that.

If you want to share this on social media, i would not recommend sharing this link. I would go over and um in gmail create a google doc right and what i did is – and you guys can you guys – can grab this this image. If you want go to i’ll, give you the link it’ll, be there grab this limit image or make a screenshot of it. I would just make a quick google doc with an image, and then you click this link and you could put your affiliate link in it and then at the bottom here i just wrote: um learn how to earn crypto tokens every 10 minutes by clicking here and Then i did again, i made a link which is this uh, which is this little icon here right here and then you put in your your link, i’m linking i’m linking this to my capture, page. Of course you don’t have to you.

Can you could link it directly to the program whatever you want, but when you then share this guys, um facebook will never block this, because it’s a google doc, it’s never going to block it now. What you want to do is you want to copy oops? Let me show you how to do this hit, share copy link and right now, i’ve got it set for anyone on the internet with the link can view okay, so they can’t edit it, but they can view it. So you can change that you can make private, but you really want to have that setting there and then you want to copy the link pop over to bitly and then throw it into a bitly make a bitly out of it or whatever that way. So facebook is never going to block bitly and facebook is never going to block google docs and you’re, not exposing any of your domains to being blocked by facebook.

Now twitter is another thing. If you wanted to just go tweet it on twitter, you could probably just use the the affiliate link, because twitter really doesn’t block um any urls. So hopefully guys that is helpful. For you. It’S a very cool little program um.

I just started earning i’ve, sent it out. I’Ve got a bunch of referrals there, so other people are clicking now, so i’m making residual uh bitcoin. It’S not a lot. It’S it’s it’s fractions of pennies but, as they add up just like crypto tab, if you don’t have that, that’s another great one, i’ll put a link in the description for crypto tag. I put on crypto tab every night before i go to bed um.

I just let it run on my computer while it’s going and it mines, while i do it, i’ve probably made about four five hundred dollars mining crypto. That way, just letting my computer run uh for in just a couple of months. Well, maybe it’s been about six? Seven months i’ve been letting it run yeah about six months. I’Ve been running letting it run each night and just runs in the background and does the thing and then i turn it off when i’m using my computer because it does slow down for other processing.

So i’ll put the link for crypto tab in in the description as well. Now, if you’re looking to really make money and make high ticket commissions, not this sort of pennies pennies pennies, which is great, but you really want to make make some really good commission underneath the description here, you’re going to see my number one recommended online uh business Click that and go join it. I highly recommend it. It is where you’re going to make uh. If you want to make one thousand dollar commissions, it’s very easy to do.

Uh you just do this, follow all the instructions you’re gon na go through a little a training camp you’re going to get a coach and they’re going to show you exactly how to do it. So that’s what i have for you guys make sure you hit the subscribe button and if you have any questions, throw a comment down below um yeah, and i hope this is helpful for you. I will see you on the next one. This has been my ex faucet review and demo cheers

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