Mintbird sneak preview, Demo and introduction video

To find out more about Mintbird the best online shopping cart

What is Mintbird?

To find out more about Mintbird the best online shopping cart, you need to check out:

Here’s Why MintBird Is The Best Solution!

You’ve Never Seen A Cart Builder Like This!

Just a few things MintBird Can Do For You!

  • Library Based: The infrastructure in which this cart was based makes it easy to create funnels in a matter of minutes
  • Simple To Use: This platform allows you to setup all your products, scripts and even delivery ahead of time
  • 2-Minute Funnel Creation:  This is the only cart buider that let’s you drop in complete upsells and downsells into your funnels
  • Beautiful Templates:  These cart pages and OTO pages we’re built by our team of designers to make sure you get ultimate conversions
  • 60 Integrations: There is over 60 integrations that have been added to MintBird with more to come
  • Mobile App: We have a mobile app that is very easy, friendly and extremely powerful!

Sales Funnel Creation

2 Minute Funnel Creation!

(You’ve Never Been Able To Create A Funnel This Fast)

(Features In Funnel Creation)

  • View and edit all your funnels in the “funnel library”
  • You’ll know instantly how your funnels are converting and the sales your making
  • Click and drag funnel creation.  You’ll literally setup a funnel in 2-minutes
  • Deploy your funnels on our upsell templates
  • Deploy your funnels on your own pages.  with our funnel script

Watch the Mintbird Demo Video above and Learn

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One thing I saw when I was researching details on best online shopping cart was the absence of appropriate details. Mintbird will change it all

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How Hard is Mintbird to use?

Library Of Products for Mintbird
Mintbird is Very Easy To Use
(Everything Is Library Based inside of mintbird)

mintbird demo, review and bonuses -1

(Features In Product Library)

  • All of your product libraries for Mintbird are found here
  • Create and edit your Mintbird cart order forms
  • Create edit your upsells and downsells in your library
  • Create and edit your bump offers inside Mintbird
  • Create and edit your coupon codes
  • Setup your split testing for multiple offers

Upsell & Downsell Library in MintBird Cart Review, Demo and Bonuses

Upsell & Downsell Library
Build Out Everything Seperately
(Build Out Your Offers As Separate Components Of The Funnel)

mintbird demo, review and bonuses -2

(Features In Upsell | Downsell Library)

  • Very easily view all your Upsells/Downsells in the library
  • Track all your funnel conversions and easily edit your Upsell/Downsell
  • Create your Upsells/Downsells very easily
  • Sell your Upsells/Downsells as stand alone products outside the funnel
  • Customize your page with one of our OTO templates
  • Deploy the Upsell/Downsell on your own custom pages with a simple embed script

Mintbird sneak preview, Demo and introduction video: transcript

hey guys Glen Murray affiliate profit pages how are you hope you’re having a great day i’ve got something really cool to share with you.

there’s going to be a software that’s going to be launching in july that’s going to blow your mind it’s called mintbird and it is a shopping cart but it’s not like any shopping cart you’ve ever seen.

So what i want to do is i want to show you a quick demo of the of the actual program of the software and then i want to give you a link and you can actually go see it in action by the creator.

Sso it’s very cool they have a full webinar and why why do you want this you know why do i include why do i need a shopping cart well if you’re in affiliate marketing and you’re doing any kind of marketing at some point you’re going to want to start selling products and having the right shopping cart.

i have two shopping carts i use and to be honest they’re a pain in the butt to use they kind of work and they don’t work and you’re kind of jimmy rigging them all over the place and this is the solution i know these guys they’re amazing and it’s gonna be amazing so that’s one thing you’re gonna want to use especially if you’re following my my selling PLR products program and you’re going to really want to do that but

Secondly you want to be an affiliate for this and why do you want to be an affiliate because they’re going to actually train you how to blow this up and sell a ton of these so you want to be part of the whole sort of launch so definitely get get on board so watch the watch the uwatch the movie

i’m going to show you and then click on the link put your email in and then it’s going to take you to the page where you’re going to see the full-blown thing but you’re also going to be able to register as an affiliate for it which is going to be super exciting because this is going to be a well at launch it’ll probably be at a really great introductory price but it will be an evergreen product that you’re going to be always always be able to sell

so let’s jump on it so let me jump over to my screen here and i will play the little movie here for you and you can check it out and then i’ll be right back

all right guys how cool is that so like i said what you want to do is i’m just blown away i’m super super super blown away it’s gonna be so exciting and i’m just excited to be promoting it learning a ton from the creators.

it’s just amazing so what you’re going to do is go to the link below the video here or if you’re on the page this video is on click the link i enter your email you’re going to be taken to a full-blown sneak peek it’s going to talk about all the whole program the affiliate program for it and the the the software itself so you really want to be part of this.

i look forward to bringing you on the team all right cheers man make sure you hit uh subscribe if you’re on my youtube channel and i’ll see you on the next one bye

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