My Lead System Pro (MLSP) | 5 Things you will need to Know

My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) – Things you will need to Know

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is a power lead system similar to another popular system called Wealthy Affiliate. My Lead System Pro (MLSP) teaches the concepts of the law of attraction or Attraction Marketing.

There’s a lot of information out there about My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and today I’m going to share the stuff no one tells you about it in this blog post.

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What is My Lead System Pro (MLSP)?

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is an affiliate program teaching attraction marketing techniques and concepts to network marketers. Attraction marketing is the idea providing valuable information for free that attracts your ideal prospects.

For instance, take this blog and my Youtube Channel, I provide training and education on  a regular basis to assist marketers in the network, which in turn draws them to me. The training I have received from My Lead System Pro since the middle of 2017 has helped me to attract a lot of leads,  get traffic to my site and start earning great money online.. MLSP provides a way for today’s network marketer to earn commissions with cutting-edge training.

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How Does My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Work?

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) teaches you how to brand and execute online using attraction marketing techniques and concepts..

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) provides you with pre-constructed capture pages to enable you to gain leads without learning how to build your own websites.

They have an affiliate program to gain revenue from those you’re prospecting. So Basically if they say no to your primary opportunity they will still say yes to joining and learning attraction marketing.

Why on earth would you want to be trying to attract people already in network marketing companies?

Yes, there are times when you’re going to get leads that are happy with their existing network marketing business, but with My Lead System Pro, you can actually make a profit from those that don’t join your network marketing company. AND, many MLM’ers are always looking for fresh possibilities, there’s a chance they’ll want to join you if you get them on YOUR list. They would never have been on your email list if you were merely marketing your MLM.

Does My Lead System Pro Work?

My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

I always find this question a bit odd.

MLSP is just a tool but if you don’t learn how to use the tool and never practice with the tool… doest the tool work? 

MLSP will assist you to attract more network marketers and people interested in making money from home or online. Important: You will get more leads through their capture pages if you follow  the techniques and trainings inside of MLSP.

But seriously, If you buy it and never login, never do the training and never put the strategies into practice, it certainly won’t work.

However, My Lead System Pro will, if you’re open and coachable to learn a better way to do network marketing. attract a ton of prospects to you.

How Can you Make Money with My Lead System Pro (MLSP)?

There are multiple ways to earn a lot of money inside My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Almost everyone begins with the trial and a most of them choose to keep with it so that they can continue to produce leads and to learn on an ongoing basis how to do attraction marketing and grow a large online business.So, to make cash with MLSP, you need to get individuals to opt into your lead magnet capture pages and from there a certain number of them will decide to take the $10 for 10 days trial.

How do you actually generate leads with MLSP?

What you don’t want to do is to just post your link on social media like most people do. You need to follow the trainings and learn how to create curiosity  posts that will engage people so you can have a conversation with them to see if what you can offer is of value to them.

Step 1 create a curiosity post for people to interact with

Step 2 reach out to them and find out about their business

Step 3 ask them how their business is; How is it going for them getting leads and sales

Step 4 suggest a training that helped you and that you could pass it on if they like

Step 5 THEN send them a link with the appropriate training that can help them.


Step 1 take notes on one of the trainings in the back office

Step 2 create a blog or video about what you learned in the video

Step 3 tell people if they wand you can share the original video with them… all they need to do is reach out to you. The people that step forward and raise their hand will most likely join 🙂

Why I joined My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

I was actually using a different Attraction marketing system and I felt I was not getting enough value out of it so I moved over to MLSP. With that as my new starting point I have been able to attract people into 5 different revenue streams that are continuing to grow at a very good rate. So no matter where you are at with just one or a few businesses MLSP is going to give you a huge advantage over your competition.

Why do I prefer MLSP over other systems?

There are couple of things that I really appreciate about MLSP over some other systems out there.1. They teach you to brand yourself, which is my professional philosophy (more on personal branding can be learned here) 2. You are constantly taught by My System Lead Pro (MLSP) to use it to develop your network marketing or online company. There are other systems out there that teach you to just basically promote their business while MLSP teaches how to build YOU as a business so it does not matter what you are promoting at the end of the day…

Why I think you are actually losing money if you do not join My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

The world’s finest MLM recruiters will only convert 20-30% of the individuals they’re talking to. The average marketer in network marketing will convert around 5-10%.

What does this mean? If you’re an incredible recruiter 70-80 percent of the individuals you’re talking to will tell you no  and if you’re in the average 90-95 percent will say no.

With My Lead System Pro as an offering, you can at least take those 80-95 percent who say no and create revenue from them. And if you can generate an income then you are likely to stay in your opportunity longer which leads to success.

I know someone that joined and they made no money

Yes it is true there are people that join and don’t make any money at all

1. I can’t. They concentrate on how “they can’t learn.” If you’ve spent as much time learning it as you’re spending telling yourself and everyone else you can’t, you’d learn it.

2. Comparisons. They keep comparing themselves to other marketers that are getting better outcomes, what they fail to realize is the simple fact that those other marketers simply worked harder and longer than they had AND they didn’t moan and complain that they had better results than someone else as they went up in the ranks.

3. Quick fix. People looking for a quick fix to their recruiting needs. MLSP does not teach overnight success, attraction marketing requires time and effort and consistency and it can generate a viable way for you to build an internet brand, gain leads and sell over time.

Sounds AWESOME!!! It is just what I Need. – How do I Join My Lead System Pro (MLSP)?

Click Here to get started

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