Make $100 Per Day From INSTAGRAM With This Simple Trick

Instagram Hack Beginners – Make $100 Per Day From INSTAGRAM

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Video Transcript:

Hey guys it’s Glen Murray from glenmurrayonline.com.

How are you?

I still have this silly cough it’s keep going around our house I don’t know what’s going on so if you’re watching the the entire half of year of 2019 I have a cough.

It’s also because I have three small children and they just bring home stuff every two weeks it’s like “hey here’s a new little cold for the household” so and to be honest actually we do better than a lot of families we’ve actually a lot a lot of families are sicker than us so if we knock on wood how healthy.

Alright today’s video is today our training is how to $100 Per Day From INSTAGRAM with this Instagram super simple trick.

This is this is what I do and I even forget about it because it’s it’s it’s so simple and it just runs by itself it’s really really passive way to do it.

You just kind of set it up and forget about it and as you continue to build out your domains and your your your basically your real estate online it just keeps all you all of a sudden these Commission’s show up and it’s awesome when you get these sales you’re like “oh wow weird that oh that’s where it came from.”

So I’m gonna show you exactly what I do it’s really simple to set up takes a little bit of know-how you got to learn a couple new tricks but that you know what you’re an entrepreneur you can do it learn a couple new tricks.

And stick around to the end because if you can’t learn any new tricks Dave and I have a deal for you and I will definitely pass that on to you because we want to help you make some money so excuse me if you like videos like this make sure that you click the subscribe button.

Now we will jump into it so what is what is exactly what well first off what’s the Instagram Instagram is like huge actually it’s apparently it’s tick tock is the Instagram killer but you know what these all these platforms are gonna be around forever or for a very long time.

We’ve got you know Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and LinkedIn and tick tock and snapchat I don’t know what’s happened to snapchat so good anyways I focus on I focus actually on YouTube and blogs.

But I mean I still use that social media to bring people back to my my youtube and my blog but I also use it to promote stuff $100 Per Day From INSTAGRAM with a simple trick I’m gonna show you exactly what to do.

So the first thing I will share my screen with you and basically we’re gonna go I’m gonna go over here and we’re gonna go to a little place called Clickbank and if you don’t if you can’t go to Clickbank you can go to I think it’s 24 profit store things something like that I haven’t promoted a lot of products there but that it’s it’s something you can do anywhere in the world.

Just Google like you know affiliate programs are working your country whatever country are so you can do this anyway the rope so I’m going to show you I mean you can do this with any niche but let’s go into I’m going to show you how to what’s going on there they gave me an ad Clickbank no I don’t want to go there alright let’s

let’s see if we can get this goodness rolling alright so we want to go to a filling marketplace and you want to if you don’t wanna count just just sign up making accounts just like me in the account on on Facebook or anything like that and you know you’re gonna have it

so anyways we’re gonna go into weight loss so we’re gonna go find a product to promote oh yeah actually this method you can promote a couple of products cuz the way I’m gonna show you how to set up it’s really cool you can do it and again stick around the end I could show you if you add completely not tech at all then you can do it whatever

what you’re gonna do though is you’re gonna find one of these any of these products right and you’re just gonna basically you know forever weight loss let’s see let’s go by gravity gravity means just how many people have sold that product doesn’t mean how many versions the product is sold it means how many people have have sold well I guess it’s excuse me

weight loss there we go so Cinderella’s story Cinderella solution that’s a really good one lipotox is good keto resource is good this is a great one unlock your hip flexors because actually you can you can promote this a whole bunch of different ways it’s really cool you can actually do it all when sports based and that kind of stuff so that’s a really cool product to promote

anyways I’m just gonna show you grabbing this one right so what you do is you stick in your account nickname if you want to put a tracking thing so you could do you know Instagram kind of thing and then you generate a hot link and this is gonna be your Instagram

it’s just gonna tell you that it’s coming from Instagram so then you copy that you go over to your your handy-dandy notebook or a notepad or whatever you got going on there and you just type in that because you want to have that link and then you can also go and take that and and shorten it at any of your your sort of your your shortener bitly or whatever so you’re gonna get a nice short link for

so once you have that now you can actually just promote that link directly so you could go on as you could go on to Instagram right and this is the Instagram account I’m gonna be talking about here that we that I use right so it’s only got you know five hundred and forty-seven followers

I haven’t been promoting this very much because I’ve been working on other stuff but it’s got a couple of little channels right and it’s got some food on there and it’s actually just sort of more of a test a test account so I’ll put up some images and then I’ll throw some stuff at it

so it’s got a bunch of you know it’s got some it’s got some weight last pictures it’s got some just some quotes and all that kind of stuff that’s for me to continue I have to log in to continue anyways so we’re gonna use that but but oh I shoot that’s what I need to show you okay

I was doing this in incognito and I guess I really can’t do it in incognito so let me grab my other grab go here Instagram Instagram I don’t want to go to remind you guys hopefully you’ve you have subscribed to my channel now as I’m doing this if you haven’t make sure you click click

on it so I’m gonna go over here too so right here you see in my bio this is the most important thing it doesn’t matter what you’re doing it doesn’t matter how many followers are following you can have because because when you when you tag your your posts lots of people can see them

pick them up and even though they don’t have likes anymore it’s still it still works really well but this right here when you’re in your in your edit your profile right this website you want to put it there so you want to kind of do this kind of thing right get some emojis there in the

secret how a 50 year old dad 4 losses beer get four good learn this secret now right so this can this could be so many things so that’s basically and then they if they go to this link what they’re going to go to is they will see where’s it gonna find it here they will actually see this oops

sorry guys jump it around here they’re actually gonna see this page the secret stop craving fat and carbs forget right so this is called a bridge page now like I was saying you could actually take your bitly link and go back to where am I here you could go back to your bitly link and you could you could put your your your shortened link right there to take you to the to the affiliate offer

but I don’t recommend doing that get collect the email because this is reality guys so what will happen is they’re going to most people do this they’ll click on a link they’ll go look at the product they’ll read the product and then they’ll go open up Google and they’re gonna search they’re going to go

blah blah blah reviews right and then they’re gonna get sidetracked during their you’re gonna go off and they’re gonna start looking at something else they’re gonna find something else and they’re gonna get lost they’ve forgotten all about that link that you sent them

but what’s happened if you do it my way they’re gonna give you their their email to you and you’re gonna send them an email remind them right you’re gonna send them one right away and say hey thanks for clicking on and here’s the link to the website and you’re gonna drive them back to the website

next day you’re gonna send them an email and I can send you all the stuff guys if you want it all I guess we can set up the whole I got like hundreds of weight loss emails and then you’ll send another weight loss email just like hey you know best thing to do is drink drink lemon water before bad

or first thing in the morning or whatever you have right whatever is written in there and then oh by the way if you no my secret weapon click here right so you’re gonna just do this day after day after day so you haven’t lost them you’re going to communicate with them until they either buy from you

or they say unsubscribe right mmm so that’s why you want to do it this other way so I’m gonna go back to this so what happens here are you ready to learn the secrets that will stop you craving fats and carbs yeah a da right so this is where they enter their email and I’ll show you what offer I have going on here

so it’s gonna take me they’re gonna they want ya know robots allowed it’s because I was testing this before car car that’s a truck didn’t they what do you think they want a truck or just a car and verify ok they want they want trucks – there you go so so the here so here’s the the the the page they get right so

congrats in frozen on your way so first off they get introduced to my MLM so I here here we go boom number one weight-loss products in the world they get introduced went to my mmm they click on this it is my MLM link right so they can go join

I’m sharing with you guys I’m in this this MLM program been in it for years love it they also I’ve got a couple I’ve got a couple of different ones here right so I’ve got the truth about six pack abs remember we talked about getting really belly fat burn do this to burn fat right

so these two things are right here if they click these guys these are our affiliate products now I’ve told them they’re in throws on the way so it’s not like you know it’s not like it’s a it’s a page it just for advertising

I’m just letting them know that their influence on the way you know I get put in here check your email and then I also say hey you might you might be interested in this right it’s just a

suggestion so what happens is basically they could they can they could go through the whole the whole thing so what do you need to do to help make this happen well this business so let’s

let’s just say this was your business and this was your business that you did one hour a day right so all you did is you you did some do you did some promoting on Instagram you did it one hour a day

what you would need to set this up is you would need a hosting program and this hosting program it cost this is the reseller so shared hosting and I’ll put a link to this below guys I recommend Swift because you can make multiple sites starting at $4.95

$4.90 a month right so what how much does that that’s pennies a day guys pennies a day to have a website and then you’re going to need a an autoresponder with and this is just a program that lets you send mails and it just it’ll do mass mails for you and it sets up campaigns

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and guys what’s so great about this if I share my campaign with you you just put in a code and it’ll bring in all the emails to you and once all the emails are in there you just go in and change out your affiliate links

in each email maybe it’ll take you an hour to go through and and and put in your affiliate links to make sure they’re all in the right spot but it’s so cool so you and then you could share you if you want to do the same thing you can share it with other people so this cost this this cost

I think $14 a month or something if you buy three months of time whatever what’s surprising here and then they give you a month free as in 30 days for free it’s $19 a month for up to 500 subscribers and then as it goes up it goes up $10 up to 2500 and so super super simple so

so this is easy easy peasy so and then Instagram is free your affiliate link is free right that’s all you guys need so you can go in here and then you just create you go you we and this is what’s cool and I’ll jump back down here so that’s basically it in a nutshell

so it’s not easy 13 minutes I just explain to you exactly how to build an entire business online and if you don’t want to do it yourself Dave and I will build you a simple funnel page like that which which

which is great because what it is is then you could actually add articles to your website or have someone how about do it but you should actually learn that skill

because it’s very simple how to add a wordpress post but we’ll we usually build these like sort of one-page micro sites for $500 bucks and we’re gonna be doing them for $250 dollars a piece so we’ll give you a site for $250 bucks if you want to do that we’ll go what setup you’ll need to have you don’t need to have a server we’re actually working a deal we’re trying to figure out if we’re gonna do reselling server deals

then would be able to offer really really no server hosting or but hosting is so cheap anyways and it’s better to actually own your own hosting because if you ever got mad at us so you didn’t want to use that so you wanted to use something else you don’t have to like feel

weird or anything you have your own hosting and then you just whoever is gonna do it for you just say hey here’s my hosting information they can put it put the stuff up there then you can go in and change your password or whatever you want so I’ve recommend

getting getting the hosting getting your own Aweber and then basically just say hey Glen or the senator today because he does all the technical stuff it’s a day Dave we need to set up a site I’m going into the Woodworking nature I’m going into the model-train nature

I’m going into the dakedo niche or the paleo nature whatever niche you want you find whatever you find in there that you like then we’ll build you a little mini website and then you just you know will even set up your social profiles and all that stuff for you get all

that set up and then what you did need to do is just add content you just would be adding the content on there every day and we can show you level I’ll show you how to do that and how to get posts on to your blog and if you don’t even want to write the posts you

can go but like I post is ten bucks you can go buy it I post for ten dollars and and they’ll make sure that it’s you know play dry it’s free and then you put it on your blog and boom there you go

that’s it guys it’s super super simple so what I’m gonna do it I’m gonna put a link – I’ll put a link to all the stuff that I talked about in here and I’ll put a link to our site it’s called Small Biz Marketing Pro

and this is where Dave and I’d we just set up this partnership we’ve just got some reviews up there now but we’re gonna be building it out to a full agency site so don’t worry about it Dave’s a pro at SEO and building all that stuff and what do I do I just I just talk a lot that’s it like she

surprising before I’ve got into real estate when I was living in Los Angeles after I did music and then I had my own graphic design company actually and then from there and I built websites and it was a flash animator and then I got into I moved back to

thank you when I get into real estate so now I’m kind of going back to that that that passion that I had because I was always doing that when I was doing music I was always doing sort of computer stuff and design stuff so it’s really fun so it’s cool to be

back you know it’s very exciting we’ve got all kind of projects going on we’ve got we’ve got micro sites popping up all over and I’m gonna we’re actually doing a couple case studies for you right now so that’s gonna be really really cool because we’re

actually just we’re doing one where we’re buying the domain like today we had like an hour-long meeting over Skype of course disease in London Ontario and I’m in thank you for Canada and basically we’re just like chatting back home tears in the

Skype okay you’d get that done you get that done you get that and we’re gonna do this and like in three days we should have our site up in three days and we just we picked a niche that we’re gonna do in two of the provinces in Canada and it’ll probably

take about you know I don’t know 90 days we’re probably gonna speed it up with some Bing ads and if you want to learn about Bing ads Dave’s very good at thing ads so we might speed up that process a little bit but what our goal is basically is to start a microsite business and try to keep Cheap at $100 that’s going to be our goal to be a

budget to do a microsite to show people that you could have 25 of these things going and if you don’t know what a microsite is I’d check out a couple videos previous or actually you know what at the end of this video because I’m wrapping up here I’ll put a link to it is

basically me talking about micro sites and then there’ll be a link to our blog regarding micro micro sites right and you can read about how how there’s a whole method out there there’s a there’s a

little program you can pick up for 20 bucks or something like that and it explains exactly how do these things and their genius they’re just they’re hyper targeted local search sites anyways we can do all that for you

so there’s a lotta I know there’s lots of information in this but hopefully you got something out of it and make sure you go set up your Instagram I’d recommend doing it through Facebook so make a Facebook page which is your Instagram account and then you want to make sure that that all drives to your website where cheesier has your

landing page on it and that landing page and takes them to a Thank You page so that has the affiliate offer but you’ve also collected their email in the mean time and and what what that

also does is it really weeds out a lot of people because your your you’re getting people to do these do they’re called little micro commitments right so our mini commitments so they’re c

ommitting when they when they read your blog or that they read your Instagram or they read your Facebook and when they click on the link to learn more they’ve they’ve they’ve given you a little bit of a commitment then when they get taken to a page that actually has to they have to click to get a little bit more information you’re

Learn the secrets of the Top Producers and how they make money every single day on auto pilot.
Learn the secrets of the Top Producers and how they make money every single day on auto pilot.

actually instilling more trust in them boom they give you their email and then they’re taken to it to a like awesome here’s your the info is on its way and by the way you might be interested

in this right so now you’ve built up a little bit of trust as opposed to just going here’s an affiliate offer and then you are actually taken out of the equation they could forget who you are as opposed to this way they’re gonna remember oh that’s the okay

now they’re getting emails from me that bang my mate and and you know what guys don’t be worried if someone’s unsubscribes from your email list you’re doing it right it’s reality

right this is like I was watching a copywriting webinar the other day and they got this is the best thing the guy said you you want to write sales copy so that you get a few refunds because you want to push the limit you want to because when you write a sales

sales letter it’s about being on emotion right so you want to emotion eyes people in and there’s gonna you’re gonna have refunds because people do that they’re like I’m gonna buy it they’re like

oh no I can’t I got a refund it it’s basically that’s that’s what it is guys anyways again hopefully this is helpful I’ll put links down below

make sure that you subscribe and I will see you on the next training and go out get your Instagram and start making those affiliate commissions alright bye Cheers

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