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Make Money Online – Video Transcript:

hey guys it’s Glen Murray you can find me at GlenMurrayonline.com that’s where you want to go to check out my stuff or workwithGlenMurray.com is a great place to go today’s training is going to be how to make $500 Dollars a day online make money online in 2019 this is for

beginners or for anybody and you can do this for absolutely free if you want to you can also to spend a little bit more and make a lot more money so how are we gonna make money for free online well if you like videos like this make sure you sit the subscribe button and subscribe to my channel

and I you will continue to see videos every single day and guys you can do this even on your phone this method it’s gonna be totally cool I’ve showed a couple of people this method before and it’s amazing and and it’s super easy to make $500 a day online make money online in 2019 well I’ll show you the offers what to do I’ll show you

where to post it I’ll even give you a script that I use in order to to post this I got this from a guy named Franklin and basically he’s did he taught me exactly how to do it so I just follow his method and it’s amazing and you guys can do the exact same thing and there’s many ways to make money

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online like there’s so many ways to make money online like you can make it there’s a thousand ways but I’m gonna show you some really easy ways and yes it’s easy to make money online but if you spend a little bit money on setting up your business correctly like a couple hundred bucks a month

and and having a business you can easily make a multiple multiple six-figure business just by doing following the methods other people do does it happen overnight no you got to do the work it’s gonna take some time you got to build out your stuff but guys when all of a sudden you have a day

where you have you know a foreign and all the Commission come in from here $1,000 Commission come in from there a $300 Commission come in from there another S400 all a commission come in from there you’re going wow this works right and as you continue to build out your your your empire of

your of links and what you’re promoting you’re gonna be able to make more money now here’s one thing find a platform that you’re mainly going to promote on so what I’m saying is is like find what you’re going to master are you going to master YouTube are going to master blogging are you

gonna master social media now social media is a monster because they’re always changing their rules whereas YouTube and and and blogging is probably the safest way to go specially blogging because you actually own your website you own your server you own your website I highly

recommend that but on this method we’re just gonna get into the free method of how to make $500 a day online make money online in 2019 and stick around to the end because I’m going to show you what I actually promote slightly different than what Franklin taught and basically you can make a lot more money

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Learn the secrets of the Top Producers and how they make money every single day on auto pilot.

and and it’s actually something that’s that actually can grow into a huge thing he actually promotes the product as well but he doesn’t promote it in the training that that I watch all right let’s jump over to my computer here and we will get into it okay so this is a site we’re gonna go to again this is

called the free global classified ads there’s like five of them I’ll give you the list of five that I’ve got I’ll give you actually I’ve got a document that has tons and tons of headlines on it and I’ll give that to you it’s got ads you can run it I can show you exactly what I do and add and do it I’ll set up an ad for

you show you exactly how to basically do it it’s it’s so so simple but what what are we gonna do with the ad let me just come in just uh and deposits for one second bring this up there I am we pause this for one second I’ll be right back okay guys sorry about that I had to I had to grab the link all right

so let’s get let’s get back into it here I’ll share my screen okay so we’re we’re free copy and paste so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna set up we’re gonna actually set up a an ad right here in here and basically guys on my website just go grab this right it’s a free copy and paste ads I’ll put the link

in below or go to work with Glen Murray com free copy and paste ads resource so you can grab it for yourself if you do make sure that you hit user review so yes it’s cool Thank You Glen and so first off I’m just going to you know what grab a headline here this is from my website guys I’m gonna go over here and publish your ad for free probably gonna ask me to log in select a

category I’m gonna go work from home title boom right attention get paid today go back over here fine scroll down and guys just use this take action now get details here if you want grab this and we’re gonna go to where I publish this thing we’re gonna put it in the description price nothing we’re gonna target I am going to target the United States I’m going to target

Alabama and I’m just gonna target you know Akron whatever right and then what what we want here guys is you want to put your your website it so so sorry if you I’ve got this Traver behind me if you want if you have a offer already you can put that offer in there see I’ve already got my offer set up and what’s really cool about that and I’ll show you at the end stick

around now if you don’t have an offer there’s a come place you can go you can go to something called Clickbank and it’s really easy to find so you go to Clickbank set up an account basically what you wanted when you get to the market place you’re gonna go to just tons of products to promote here on the side here a business and an e marketing and then just just adjust by

average sale we want to we want to make lots of money so basically we look at some of these and I love promoting this one is a great one to promote Commission here oh I’m gonna go down just find millionaire society already paid seven million dollars I’ll love it gravity’s 13 people have sold in the last 28 days that sounds great this one is great $551 so there’s a nice so

basically let’s see promote this yeah and then you just put your username in you generate a hop link right copy it you want to copy that you want to go over to a shortener so type in to type in shortener right you’re gonna have bitly or anything like that and all you need to want to do is you just want to create a link right paste that in create link and now you’ve got a

bitly link you want to copy that and then you go back over to your ad where’s my ad and this one I’m going to post it right there and get details here I’m gonna put it also post a trade on the ad there and guys that’s it the other trick is click and drop upload image so just go to Google and download a royalty-free image hopefully you have some on your in your

downloads folder which I’m going to go to my downloads folder and I grabbed a cut this is a couple of cool ones I just grabbed once it’s a couple of ones that said solution right solution I’ve right here boom open that up it’s picture it’s a solution right kind of a cool ad and there you go I’m actually

gonna grab a YouTube video well which one do I want to grab let’s see YouTube glen murray online I’ll grab one of my latest videos I’m just gonna throw it in there which one do I have I know I I know which one I’ll throw in there and you guys if you don’t have a video you could use one of mine you don’t

need to add a video it’s not a big deal just just it just gives a little bit more you know information for people I’m gonna go if youhave guys right now it’s a really good a really good time to subscribe to my channel and check it out here so what I want I get the link here I just hit play what link I need to

go into my go into studio go into the back office here I’m just gonna grab one of my views III guys I recommend doing doing doing videos on on YouTube totally recommend it this is this is great great way to build I started building this summer I’m already at 374 subscribers you go well

that’s not very many times well you know what guys this channels making me money so I have no problem with it alright so I’m going to get a shareable link here go back to my listing I’m gonna put it in there boom and I’m just gonna publish it and it’s done that easy guys so you could go you

can actually and of course there to say you know they’re gonna upsell you you can apply for you can publish with additional things highlight marks right or you can just go no thanks so it’s saying you know 20 bucks us five

dollars markets premium five plus supply of 90 days you can do that but you don’t have to right so I’m just gonna go no thanks I’m good I’m just going to put it boom like that and I’m done guys my ads up right like that I just promote it now I can go back and I could do I could target how much

time do you have right like this is what’s cool okay I’m going to show you the what I another one that I promote which is really really cool and that is this this product right here this is the experts secret and I’ll put a link to you

can get a free account no no you can be a free affiliate for for this program for clickfunnels but highly recommend the tool it’s a it’s a hundred all there a month tool if you don’t have it right now that’s fine become an affiliate I’ll send you I wouldn’t you know what I’ll do I’ll send you a 14-day trial and

you can try it out for free and then you can just if you if you don’t the money right now let it go dormant but you move you will still be an affiliate and you’ll be able to promote it and once you start making money you will want to turn it back on again because it’s such a valuable tool to order or to use right because you what you want to be doing to wait make a lot more

money is actually setting a funnel right and collecting emails because then once that’s why that that first link in in the forum where it said I already have my leg step that’s already set up as a funnel right I just put that out

there guys for you to see how to do it with a Clickbank product or if you don’t you can’t use Clickbank put Clickbank alternative you can find something but what I want to show you is that’s not how I would do it I’m showing you how to do a free method I would have done it like this I would I would put a bridge page and this this this what’s so great about this

program right here experts secrets funnel and I’ll put a link to it because you should really check it out check out the book for a buck anyway it shows you how to actually build a funnel and do it right so what I would do is add bill funnel get the person’s email before I send them off to the offer

that way if they don’t buy that offer I can still send them other offers by emailing it to them does that make sense do you guys get that it’s it’s it’s absolutely the way to do it so hopefully that makes sense guys 12 minutes

done ads done and like like I said you can do as many of those as you want I’m gonna put a link to like I think there’s five really good classified ads there’s thousands and thousands of people going on there every single day

looking for stuff and marketers are using it because it’s working right so you want to spend some time like maybe maybe go okay I’ve got 30 minutes a day how many ads can I bang out and just have like let go you know it doesn’t matter what CD or whatever you’re you’re like dude like just concentrate on the country or concentrate on state or profit or maybe in UK

or whatever you are or you know it doesn’t even have to be where you are just pick something and go boom I’m gonna I’m gonna do the big cities in California today right let’s start at San Francisco Los Angeles Sacramento San Diego right I’m just gonna go down and do do the big the big city

Oakland blood that kind of thing right just gonna hit all these big cities in California and that’s what my ads gonna be and I’m just gonna do that every single day I get to get up and just send out and it’s gonna be the California ad kit and just keep doing it keep doing it to it every single day

and what happens is you’re gonna have so many ads out there people are gonna start finding you and like I said those commissions are gonna be like whoa all of a sudden you got a day it’s like there’s one commission there’s

another commission there’s another commission be like woohoo so check it out guys I will put the links in the in the description below so I’m gonna send you to my page and do a bunch of headlines there there’s actually copy

you can put you can use for the body of the ad go find some royalty-free pictures you want to use my videos subscribe to my channel subscribe to my channels use a video the video doesn’t really like they’re not gonna really click through to the video maybe one or two people might click

through the video so that’s what I recommend do your own but really it’s just another moving thing there so it’s it’s it’s what people they want to see more stuff right the more content that’s there I’ll put in the link for this that’s the expert secret this is an amazing thing but also I’ll put in a link for

the 14-day trial actually you know what I think you get a 14-day trial with the book so if you want to grab that book this I highly recommend it guys if you’re gonna if you want to make money online you need to have that book

you need to own it period you need to own that book and I don’t care if you go through and and do the funnel or just buy the book it doesn’t matter it’s up to you you can see what I would earn if you went through the whole funnel I would earn $927 if you promoted this funnel you order $927 I recommend that you have to own that book that’s all it is I guess have a

great day don’t forget to subscribe and thank you all my new subscribers thank you so much I appreciate it like every day they’re more and more joining and clicking through and sharing my videos and yeah some days my videos don’t get that many place I don’t care I’m gonna keep making them

keep making them keep making them that’s what it’s all about guys persistence garyvee 10 years ago was selling bottles of wine on his on the floor of his on his in his store at his family store that he was selling wine at and and doing making videos and now where is he right persistence I guess have a good day

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