How to Become Rich Online | 8 ways For the Beginner to make money online

How to make money like Millionaires and become rich

Are you trying to learn how to make money online like the online millionaires do? Right Now there has never been a better time to make money online.

In this Blog I am going to teach you, and explain how to become rich and how to be rich.

Important Links on How to Become Rich online from the video How to Become Rich Online | 8 ways For the Beginner to make money online

How to Become Rich Online | 8 ways For the Beginner to make money online

The secret to becoming Rich online is to start creating content and keep creating more and more and more and more…

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Create a blog
Create a Youtube Channel
Create e-books
Create e-courses
Create membership sites
Create an E-commerce Store
Create Digital Products
Create Useful Aps

The #1 thing is to Create a Profit Funnel and give it away for just a small amount of money and make income on the tools within the funnel and have high ticket backend offers.

Here is your done for you Profit Funnel:

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Full Transcript from the video How to Become Rich Online | 8 ways For the Beginner to make money online

hey guys Glen Murray this episode this training is how to become rich online eight ways for the beginner to make money online now why I did eight ways for the beginning to make money online is because everyone does like seven or nine or five or three and I’m gonna

break the norm actually you’re supposed to do odd numbers but you know what that’s fine because I’m going to make this so good you’re gonna stay in the end because I’m gonna have a ninth one for you so how do you become rich online and what are the eight ways to for beginner to start making

money online well if you like videos like this and you want to make more money online or you’re just getting started or you’re struggling whatever it is make sure you hit my subscribe button down below subscribe because

I’m gonna just keep bringing these videos to you basically what I go out I find different ways to make money I research I see if it works I also buy programs and I basically try them out and I say yay or nay if they work well

I have another channel called review hub and I’m on there we were up at all right I think we’re nine thousand members there so definitely check it out and this is my personal YouTube channel which I’ve been growing since

the summer times so let’s get into it how to become rich online eight ways for the beginner to make money online so what would you know how much money do you want to make online do you want to be rich do you want to be like sort of unbelievably just not have to worry about anything so really

cool thing this Christmas my wife and I we actually having really good money in our bank right now and we’re able to go I kind of get whatever gifts we want to get without thinking about it like it’s really really nice right and not that weird we’re just you know like millionaires anything like that

but we’ve got we’ve got some good income and we’ve got some some some money and we’re able to spend without really having to worry about it and it’s such a nice release or relief not to have to really be struggling like oh I mean a couple years ago we were just like ah like like how are we gonna

pay rent let alone do Christmas kind of thing right so I’m not story short it takes time but these things can work and and what what I’ve realized is like a lot of people will do sort of the quick the quick fix for making money

online and and I trained on it you know a lot of people just want to start making money so they’ll sorry yeah go to clickbank get an affiliate link go here go past your affiliate link and you’ll make some money right but that’s

not going to make you rich that will make you a little bit of money and after a while it’s just gonna it’s gonna it’s gonna be a lot of time in order to really

ramp up to make some really good money so there’s things that you have to build like you build any business you have to build a business and how does that how is that business being built right what you need who explained the

Learn the secrets of the Top Producers and how they make money every single day on auto pilot.
Learn the secrets of the Top Producers and how they make money every single day on auto pilot.

best I was just just watching a o Frank or Frank hatchet okay so think of this Google is a giant spider and it when someone types something that spider goes running out looking for relevant information on that right now if you have the relevant information Google’s going to bring it back and give it to

that person well that person that’s looking for that relative information is also a consumer right so if someone if someone is typing how to get a better golf swing right if you have a relative relative content on how to do a belly

better golf swing and you have an e-book or something like that then you can sell that person that person is most likely going to buy you could do all the advertising you want here and there and everywhere but the person

that actually goes in searches and finds that article that’s not an ad or anything but it’s just organic content is is on the 99 percent they’re ready to buy they have they have wallet in hand ready to buy if you have the correct solution for them so think to wrap that in your head okay because this is

really how you’re going to become rich online and I’m gonna start I’ll start off the 8 ways for a beginner to make money online first thing you need to do guys is you need to get a blog you have to get a blog if you want to get

rich online if you want to become rich online you need to have a blog period hands down you need to have a blog and there’s tons of videos I’ve

got videos on how to make a blog there’s a ton of videos out there on how to make a blog but I’m going to give you a link to my hosting company because it’s a one-click install of your blog and you can actually just go click write you you get your hosting package you go install WordPress and boom your

blog is born and then you just start playing with it guys and you’re going to be working on this blog I want you to work it’s gonna be like a garden right and you’re going to work on this blog as much free time as you have or if

you don’t have any free time I’m gonna show you where to go buy articles on on what to put on the blog right then and you can buy an article for his little as $10 a blog post right so what you want to do is before you before you do anything you want to think of the domain you’re going to you’re

gonna think like what niche am I going to go into the more narrow the niche the better but if you just want to have you know maybe you want to talk about food or maybe you want to talk about travel or maybe you want

to talk about making money online or maybe you want to talk about whatever it is whenever your interest is you can make the broad blog about that and then get very narrow in your posts and like like sort of like you’re gonna have categories right you know travel I want to write a blog about

travel and then I’m gonna get into you know one category is all gonna be all about luggage like every the best kind of luggage all the luggage you need to do right the next one is all about like how not to get sick when you travel

and just to do a whole bunch of different ways of different countries that you have to be concerned about when you’re traveling to what you should do shots you need to do all this kind of thing like like you know what I mean

guys and it’s a you well I don’t know how to write that stuff right so you’ll pay someone right like like go pay someone 50 bucks and say I want for articles about traveling to India boom right you you have your travel write

and then in one of the categories is traveling to India and you have four you just come up with it with like four ideas and you write for articles about traveling to India whatever is like business is how you do a blog and you

keep building that out and you have have an offer and if you don’t if you love traveling you don’t know what to offer something message me I can point you in the direction I’m not in the travel niche I can put in too many different things that you can make money you can monetize travel with you

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could be selling luggage from Amazon you could you could hook up with them with different travel purposes of all these travel programs there’s like MLM travel programs there’s tons of them out there right so you just that’s

that that’s going to be your moneymaker but the main thing is you need to build that blog and as you build it the authority that happens with it is amazing it’s not okay so that’s number one it’s create a blog so number two on how to become rich online Eaton this is the second of eight ways to for a

beginner to make money online is to make a youtube channel and yeah here like have you seen my I’ve got a face for radio forget about it it does not matter it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter if you have the squeaky voice a

slow voice a fast voice and a low voice or whatever it doesn’t matter because people love why do you think reality TV is so popular because they don’t people don’t want to see me movie stars or anything like that you will attract the people that you want to work with so when you make your

youtube channel you can just take your blog post and you can read your blog posts on your new on your channel or maybe you do slideshows or whatever it is like if you’re in the travel niche there’s a many many ways to do it but you want to create a YouTube channel now one thing I recommend

when you do a YouTube channel is don’t make it don’t make it a whole bunch of stuff a whole bunch of different stuff that’s what I did the beginning and it’s just a nightmare and don’t just share a bunch of other

people’s videos make your own videos make your own content and yep it’s gonna be slow to grow at the beginning but once you get going it starts to it starts to snowball and once you get to that magic thousand subscribers and

Learn the secrets of the Top Producers and how they make money every single day on auto pilot.
Learn the secrets of the Top Producers and how they make money every single day on auto pilot.

four thousand views in or four thousand hours in the year and it sounds like a ton but it’s not you get to monetize it and then you can start making passive income from your YouTube videos and those videos will last years

and years and years they’re going to make money so number three on how to become rich online and this is number three out of the eight ways for a beginner to make money on and this is to create ebooks remember when I said people are looking for information go create an e-book you-you-you

don’t realize it but you have some knowledge that somebody wants I don’t care who you are you have some knowledge I went to a Fiji cooking class last night right what was the knowledge that woman had she had her grandmother’s spice mixes and she gave them to us on a piece of paper as

she cooked so I have so gian you know a hundred-year-old Fujian basically spice mixes from this from this cooking class I went to that’s valuable right so you think about it you like to do cooking you want to do a cooking

channel or you want to do a cooking blog or whatever well you’ve got something in your family that’s special to you or certain certain way of doing something you share that you like hey if you want my my special

spritz cookies maybe your Norwegian like my my in-laws right like my actually my 5 year olds over at her grandma’s tonight making cookies for us so we got to eat them anyway so make an e-book and those ebooks you put them up on Kindle you can you can you can you can self publish you can do

a ton of stuff those things will continue to make money they just like tick tick tick and yeah you know and if you don’t want to write them yourself get someone else to write them give them some ideas for content someone else will write them you put them up on on Tino you make a schedule like

I’m going to put one up every three months I’m gonna put one up every two months and you just start cooking cranking out ebooks right that’s that’s the third way of the eight ways for beginning to make money online now number four for beginner to to make money and you get to go in client

would you tie them up create a courses if you want if you want to know how to become rich online and create a courses same thing right like you could do going back to cooking you could just get a get it get a I’ve seen on

YouTube and this could be on your YouTube channel you could do new to me you could do all these different different places what’s the other one there’s there’s just a ton of places I’m it’s like I’m not coming to me right now where you put up courses you can put it you can have someone just

hold an iPhone I need you to just cook right and and just like hey this is what I’m doing this what I’m making that the people love it people love it love it love it right so then what do you do you say you can say these are the

pans I use these are the spices I use maybe you’ve belonged to a food my wife but how sounds a direct direct sales for a food coming right you could do that right this is just this is just one of the one of the eight ways you can make money on lines beginner okay eCourse is uh number five on our list

create a membership site create a membership site where you say give you know um give me five dollars a month and every month I’m going to bring you four things maybe you’re a knitter right maybe you’re you’re a youth tie flies for a living I don’t know what whenever you do maybe you have

something that you could continue to give value every month I’m going to give you four of these things become a member right what’s great to like like if you watch any YouTube is great YouTube’s actually starting to have

subscription YouTube channels which I love dude so you get all this extra content you know you give some free content away and it’s like hey for you know for just five bucks a month you can have this extra content and what’s your honor oh we dive more into this maybe you have a book club

right and you you know you you review the book and then you say well if you want to if you want to join the join the book club it’s five bucks a month and you get to come on and we do we do roundtable discussions online

right we all we have a zoom call every week and we do full-on thing but you have to be a member to do it right so this is another way to start monetizing

right membership sites uh number six six yes number six on how to become rich online out of the eight ways for a beginner to make money online is create an e-commerce store everyone’s doing it go get a Shopify

account boom trader store I did a video on on EECOM I have a co-op stick of course it in there for econ it’s it’s super great course you can learn everything you wanted to know about econ so let me let me put that in there right now just gonna link for course cuz that one’s a big one and you

should do it you want to do it the right way so number seven on how to become rich on and out of the 8 ways for a beginning to get rich online or to make money online its created digital product create something that was

useful for someone there are tons of tons and tons of digital products there’s a website called jvzoo there’s a website called warrior plus there’s a website called Clickbank and people go out and they create products right

they create a product and product can be anything a product can be a training a product can be an actual little software a widget an app or the world I guess what actually I’ve got a pizz another one that I’ve got was because I want to separate that from them from a digital product which is

basically something that’s going to be consumed on a laptop maybe a tablet and then number eight of the how to get rich online is is it’s pretty useful app right think of it think of an app you could use maybe you’ve maybe you’ve got a calendar app you’re like I wish it did this this and this right go

create it go create a calendar app go create something you know make it make it a free download and then there’s an upsell in it and this is how they all do it you know paid you do you pay for it inside or whatever this kind of

thing so those are the eight ways okay so you stuck around did I tell you I was gonna do number nine yes number nine okay the best way to make money online this is the best way on how to get rich online this is this is the ninth way out of the eight ways for a beginner to make money online is to

create a profit funnel right now what does a profit funnel a profit funnel basically a profit funnel is where you will you give someone something right and you take them through a series of steps where you’re going to sell

them more of what they’re looking for in that niche right so for example we talked about the golf swing thing at the very beginning right how do you here have my behind my ebook on how to do a better golf golf swing for for twenty dollars right and boom now if you want my my pro my ten video

series on how I go through the book of it and I go through each chapter in video form $197.00 and you get the whole video thing and and I also send it to you on an mp3 and you get them and people like whoa and I actually

read it for you right oh wow and then you would take them if they buy that you could offer them something you could offer them then a membership site and say hey I give I we do weekly golf tip every single week that membership is you know this golfers golfers love to spend money thirty

seven dollars a month and you’re in our membership site so that would be a profit funnel right that’s that’s how you make a profit on oh you get some in it like my offering them a low thing of course don’t make it cheap don’t make it Enix don’t make it crap make it really good so they want to buy the

next thing from you and then once that person becomes a member there will be you know you can then then you’d then the gold is there right you go over them well we’re gonna do a golf trip we’re gonna do three golf trips a year you know sell them in the golf trip sell them in the luxury golf ship

trips have you could do so much with it right you can do special go go to a once you get to a certain number of members right you can go to a golf company and say hey I’ve got ten thousand members in my golf

membership thing would you like to make a club do a club deal for us or whatever and anybody’s gonna be like yeah absolutely we’ll give you a special discount so that is that’s a profit funnel now if if you want a a plan that sounds crazy that sounds great I don’t want to said that well I’m going

to give you a link to one that’s already set up for you it’s basically its generic it can it can work for any it’s it kind of works in any niche basically it but it just walks you through the steps on how to do all of this stuff so once you

get this training done you take exactly sort of the the skeleton of it and you just plop it on your niche so I want to give that to you it’s link below it’ll say

here is your done for you profit funnel and that is the best way on how to get rich online it is the ninth way out of the eight waves for a beginner to get start making money online so I hope hopefully this helpful for you guys

but really let’s recap them one you got to create a blog I’m gonna put that in there right now I’m gonna give you my hosting because I got it I get a special deal on hosting hosting hosting link link there we go and so I’m

gonna give you my blog hosting link number to create a YouTube channel I don’t care who you are create a YouTube channel as Gary Vee says get the out there and do it I never say that create an e-book right create a courses

create membership sites create an e-commerce link I’m sorry ecommerce store and I’ll put a link for a course on e-commerce so that’s a big one and you should go through the course um create digital products and create useful apps these are the ways to make money now remember guys when

you when you make one of these right oh yeah I recommend just like like make one or two like go go to a blogging and a youtube channel start with right start getting some some sort of just ideas on getting used to working in this realm and then start branching out but once you get to a certain level

guys there’s websites itself or multi multi-million dollars because they’ve just built them up they built them up they built them up they built the

moment you know especially review sites guys these guys that started reviewed it’s like four or five six years ago seven years ago they’re just they’re doing reviews every single day the site is growing they’re getting advertising they hire more people do more reviews down they’re doing

three or four reviews every single day and then someone comes along goes I’ll buy that Wow look at all the traffic you have that thing is is probably I pay you this amount I can play make that amount in in two years time that’s how business I would look at it right well if I paid this much now and it

recoups in two years I have it for five years Wow I made you know and I’d continue to grow it I can make ten times my money on tucunare thing right so guys hopefully that’s helpful for you make sure you subscribe make sure

you share this video comment below I hope you I hope you just get started and and I remember I’m gonna put those links below and remember profit

final profits final profit final profit funnel this is what you need I guess I will see you later just

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