Does Direct Linking to Affiliate Products Actually work?

Direct Linking to Affiliate Products

Does Direct Linking to Affiliate Products Actually work?

Does Direct Linking to Affiliate Products Actually work? The response is no if you don’t have time to read the entire post. It’s true. This is a HUGE blunder made by a lot of affiliates.

It’s almost never a good idea to have direct links that go directly to the sales page. The only exception is if you have anchor text on your site that links directly to the item. Or the program allows you to use your optin form on their landing pages.

Programs Like Legendary, MLSP or List Leverage allow you do collect your leads directly into your autoresponder. Get a free autoresponder account here

Direct Linking to Affiliate Products: Free Traffic

Let’s pretend you’re writing a woodworking article about how to design your own chicken coop. You might mention how beneficial it is to have a circular saw. The term “circular saw” refers to a circular saw available on Amazon.

It’s fine in this situation because Amazon is a sales machine that excels at turning tourists into customers. Aside from that, you should already have an opt-in box on your homepage to collect email addresses. As a result, direct ties are appropriate.

Direct Linking to Affiliate Products: Paid Ads

If you’re running paid ads or getting free traffic from Facebook fan pages, YouTube, and other sources, it’s safer to send all of your visitors to a squeeze page, also known as a landing page or an opt-in page.

There are many names for it, but it all boils down to the same thing: a way to capture leads and add them to your mailing list. Many inexperienced marketers are unsure how to build opt-in pages and connect them to their autoresponders.

Direct Linking to Affiliate Products: Opt in Page Builders

Building an opt in website has never been easier thanks to page builders like Groove Funnels << FREE ACCONT) or ClickFunnels. Most of these also have models that you can use with a few minor changes right out of the box. So make use of them.

If you guide all of your traffic to the deal, you will most likely lose the visitor and never see them again. Since the tourist hasn’t been “warmed up” and is only walking by, you might not even make a sale. This is particularly true if you are sending your visitors to a non-Amazon sales page.

Direct Linking to Affiliate Products: Email Marketing

Through adding them to your list, you will be able to contact them several more times and provide them with the bid, which they can accept. According to studies, it takes seven exposures to a bid before anyone buys it. You can get those repetitive exposures by creating a list.

This raises the question of whether or not we should mask our affiliate links.

Yes, that is right. If you’re using WordPress, one of the easiest ways to do this is to use the Pretty Link plugin, which allows you to make your links “no follow” so that you don’t transfer link juice to the deal site.

It is best to avoid using them with Amazon affiliate links, as your account may be suspended. People have been barred from the Amazon Associates Program for using cloaked ties, according to news. As a result, it is preferable to err on the side of caution.

Direct Linking to Affiliate Products: Cloaked Links

You should cloak your links on any other site. Instead of having to manually alter every affiliate connection on your site if you want to advertise a different product, you can simply change the cloaked link in one location and all links will be changed.

Direct Linking to Affiliate Products: Conclusion

Finally, always cloak and guide your links to a landing page. Your list is a valuable resource. So, develop it, and you’ll be building your brand, and then you’ll be able to successfully market other goods.

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