What is the Best Affiliate Program for Bloggers Right Now?

What is the Best Affiliate Program for bloggers right now?

What is the Best Affiliate Program for Bloggers Right Now?

What is the Best Affiliate Program for bloggers right now? Hands down the best affiliate program for bloggers is the Amazon Associates program.

The Amazon Associates program is the best affiliate program for bloggers because it has pretty much anything for sale that your blog could be about.

Writing about golf? You could sell anything from tees to electric carts and all items in between.

Anything you think you want to write about there is an item you can find to sell.


I don’t promote much from Amazon because the commission rate is next to nothing so you need to send a lot of sellers there to make any good income.

What is the 2nd Best Affiliate Program for bloggers right now? or….

Clickbank would be my choice over Amazon because they pay WAY, WAY more than Amazon but they don’t have nearly the products and most everything is digital….

What is Clickbank you ask?

Clickbank is the top info product selling platform out there and you can find pretty much anything to promote there if you dig through their enormous marketplace… same goes for JVZoo and WarriorPlus which also have mostly digital software as a service products.

The best way to sell products from JVZoo and WarriorPlus is to do reviews on the products that launch daily.

There is also a method called launch jacking which you do a review on a new product which keywords will be generating a lot of traffic during launch and you promote a high ticket program on the backend through a squeeze page or email drip campaign.

What is the Absolute Best Affiliate Program for bloggers right now?

The absolute best affiliate program for bloggers is a value ladder business building training program with a high ticket backend.

Whoa Glen!!! What did you just say…. value ladder? backend? high ticket?

…ok let’s start with the type of program…

What is a business training program? It is exactly what it is called, it trains you how to build a business online.

From getting set up to promoting your product, or the training program itself, to closing and building a loyal base of buying customers or clients.

I love to promote these kinds of programs because the residual worth of just one customer can be worth $1,000s and $1,000s of dollars rather than a $30 to $100 one time transactional one.

They are also incredibly easy to promote on the closing of any kind of article you write on your blog.

You can create a 1000 blog posts about anything to do with generating traffic, writing blogs, using an auto-responder, building landing pages, reviewing programs…. the list goes on.

At the end of your post you simply add “My #1 recommended online business to promote is XYZ program”

Super simple… you can also pepper your blog post with banner ads for the same program enticing the reader to check it out and get onto your email drip campaign for the program.

WARNING! Do Not Make this Affiliate Marketers Beginner’s mistake. Never send a prospect to an offer without collecting an email address… This is crucial… 85% of all programs are sold on the 5th to 9th exposure to the product.

So… if you are promoting your product or any product (except for maybe a physical purchase on Amazon) you want to send them to an email capture page also known as a Landing Page, Squeeze Page or Optin Page.

Now in order to do this correctly you are going need some tools of the trade:

The Best Tools and Software for a Blogger for Affiliate Marketing:

Hosting and Blogging Theme: I recommend Bluehost which comes with a Free Domain for your Online Business… for a theme download the free schema lite theme add Rank math and ultimate blocks and you are set. If you already have hosting, buy your domains here for the best price.

Landing Page Software or Sales Funnel Maker: There are a few but the best are ClickFunnels or GroovePages. Both come with Free Trials Check them out and then send me a message and I can jump on a Zoom or Skype call with you to help set them up for your business.

Auto-Responder Software: Grab Aweber or Get Response those are the industry standard for beginners and you can get started for free with both of them.

Success Game Plan for a Blogger for Affiliate Marketing:

START WRITING: Write content… 600-2500 words on anything you have learned to do. How to’s, Reviews, Best practices…

As you get more experience you will write better content.

*Pro Tip If you want a fast start use CB Automatic to get your first 30 articles and more (make sure you re-write them at least 35%).

Surround your articles with your affiliate banners and put links in the content just like I am doing here.

Get to 30 posts as quickly as you can and then try to do 2 to 5 post weekly for the next 6 months…

As you start getting people on your list make sure you are emailing them at least 5 times a week through your auto-responder with relevant offers and tips. ( You can get a lot of great email swipes from most of the programs you will be promoting from Clickbank, JVZoo or WarriorPlus)

*Pro Tip build a swipe file of every email you send in a text file and build a spread sheet of your Subject lines with their open rates tracking this will become very valuable as you grow.

Feel free to message me and I encourage you to join and promote the programs below. While I can’t guarantee you will make anything, the people that are earning a substantial income online follow this method among others.

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INCOME DISCLAIMER : This website and the items it distributes contain business strategies, marketing methods and other business advice that, regardless of my own results and experience, may not produce the same results (or any results) for you.

Glen Murray

​I help train and coach network marketers on how to build their businesses both online and offline.

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