I’m Starting A 30 Day Challenge… Here’s Why I’m Committed!

What is a 30 day challenge:

Has your business flatlined or worse yet never even got going?
or maybe you have been struggling for years never achieving the success that you have been dreaming of?

I know how you feel…

It’s Time to STOP!

In this 30 day challenge I am going to finally learn exactly step by step on what it takes, and how to FINALLY have the success I have been striving for.

And you can join me too…

Oct 1, 2019 I am starting a 30 day Free Traffic Bootcamp Challenge lead by David Sharpe and Alex Ford of Legendary Marketer. If you have anything to do with the online world of affiliate marketing, direct sales or network marketing I am sure you have heard of Legendary (You can check out my review of Legendary Marketer here if you haven’t).

If you are an online marketer and you have never done a 3 day, 7 day, or 14 day challenge, or any other kind of challenge your company or your team has put on. I have one question for you: Why not?

Challenges are not for your company (although they benefit indirectly by your success) , rather they are for YOU!

This is where you get to push yourself.

This is where you get to make your Dreams Come True.

This is where the playing field is evened and you can SHINE!

The best part about challenges is that a lot of times the “newbie” or the “unsuccessful” marketers have the biggest advantage.


Because they are the hungriest!

They are wide open to coaching and learning and they are not distracted by having to unlearn bad habits…

Yep, it’s true some of the best marketers in the world have some very bad habits and because they have success they don’t always take the time to work on them. They will take the easy way, not necessarily the more rewarding and more challenging way.

We all have them and we all know how some habits are hard to break!

Why I’m Committed to the 30 Day Challenge

I'm Starting A 30 Day Challenge... Here's Why I'm Committed!
In the next 30 days I am going to finally learn exactly step by step on what it takes, and how to FINALLY have the success I have been striving for.

I am committed to this challenge because I want to take my business to the next level and I know the fastest way to do that is to push myself and learn from top earners.

That is what a challenge is about, whether it is hitting the gym, changing your diet or creating content in an online affiliate marketing, business building, Free Traffic 30 day challenge.

You have to SHOW UP!

And guess what…

Showing up is the number 1 key to success. Yes, having a great product and a great DMO (Daily Method of Operation), and building a personal brand and delivering valuable content is all important. But, none of that matters if you don’t Show Up.

People do bootcamps and challenges because THEY WORK. Bootcamps and 30 day Challenges make the people that participate fully and do the work ACHIEVE goals they never ever could have imagined obtaining.

The biggest hurdle for the solo-preneur is accountability and that is what boot camps and 30 day challenges provide. So you don’t have to go it alone.

Want more success?

Then come and join me in the 30 Day Free Traffic Challenge

To get access to the bootcamp you just have to be enrolled in our Business Building Challenge which you can access here for just $7 Once there I will send you all the details on how to get started and even how to participate in the 30 day challenge and the contest.

Whats your biggest hurdle? comment below:

If you think this can help you or you know someone that this could help please feel free to share with them.

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